Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity


Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) comes in many shapes and forms, and our team has been on quite a learning curve in the last couple of years. But I&D doesn’t stop at implementing a policy...we want to make sure you feel the benefits too.

We have started to make a few changes in the way we communicate with you by:

  • Using simpler language, to communicate important messages in a more inclusive and effective way
  • Upgrading our website to meet the latest accessibility standards. For example, we introduced the option for you to either read the content or have it read to you – try it now by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom left corner of this page
  • Simplifying our MND/TTP recruitment process to encourage a more diverse range of candidates for vacancies and to remove barriers for all eligible members

But there is so much more we could do

We’d like you to tell us how we can improve your experience. Whether that’s making our service easier to access, or written in a different way, we’d welcome your feedback. To share your views, simply login to ePA. Once you’ve logged in, the Feedback link is at the foot of the page. Click on the word Feedback, complete the online form and press send.

Take a look at our Inclusion & Diversity policy here.